Social Media Etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts

Since the beginning of time people have created rule books and guidelines on proper social etiquette and behaviour. However, since then a new form of communication and human interaction has taken over through the use of social media. Social media and etiquette may seem like a new and foreign concept however, now that people no longer have to converse face to face or over the phone, the same respect, polite behaviour and care most definitely applies. Although these guidelines may be new and ever evolving, here are a few I think we should all remember:

1. What you say, Stays.
Like a stain that never goes away, what you comment will always be there. Think twice before posting something private or impolite. Although social media feels like a place where people can speak their mind without consequence, it is often a place where people would say things they normally wouldn’t in person. What you say is most definitely in the public and if you’re going to regret it, think before posting because deleting posts and tweets may not always solve the problem.

2. Do unto others as you would do unto them.
As the old saying states, just as you would like to be treated politely and with respect, one should also treat others with respect and politeness. Just like my grandma used to say: if there is nothing polite to say, don’t say anything at all.

3. Tone may be everything.
We’re not talking musically here, this is about the tone of your post or comment. Just like writing an essay for your college application or texting your significant other, tone can be everything. People can’t always tell your tone online so it is important to try be accurate and realistic in your words. Remember sarcasm doesn’t always work!


One thought on “Social Media Etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts

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    Social media is an essential in this world now if you want to find success. The number of people who are connected to this ever widening connective network continues to grow. So how should you use it? That’s the question for the ages … but first – some things to consider 🙂

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