The Curation of Information

With the rise of social media, a new way of searching for information on the internet has arrived. This new curation of information is quite different from using regular search engines and seems to be a unique way of organizing the information you seek. “Just google it” may be an expression of less frequency with this new technique.

This curation starts with the use of a social media dashboard such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite. These dashboards allow you to compile and manage various social media services all in one convenient place. Here you can search and view specific hashtags and accounts through each network. This hashtag and account specific searching can bring you closer to specific information and connect you to people, blogs and websites specifically related to your topic of interest. This new curation may save you from sifting through various search engine result pages or having to think of specific search phrases in order to find what you need.

Here is a screenshot of my TweetDeck showing a few topics and hashtags neatly organized in easy to view columns:


This way of gathering information can be more specific than a general web engine search and is an easy way of organizing information and topics into neat and easy to access columns. TweetDeck is incredibly useful, especially for managing various social media platforms, and I will continue to use and explore it’s potential. I highly recommend a dashboard to anyone who is overwhelmed with the overload of social media platforms and would like to explore new ways of information hunting.